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Full Service Packing by Affordable Moving and Storage

Conveniently located near downtown Hickory NC, we’re proud to serve the Charlotte, Denver, Gastonia, Hickory, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Statesville, and Winston-Salem areas.

Affordable Moving & Storage is proud to offer “Full Service Packing” to our customers. Our experienced professionals handle this sometimes overwhelming task with ease and care. A good packing job does more than protect your belongings, it can make your move and transition more efficient.

Affordable Moving & Storage professionals can provide you with an estimate for packing your home. We are also available to pack a portion of your home. You may decide that it is more cost effective for us to pack only your most valuable and fragile items. If you decide, however, that you are packing your home yourself, the below tips may be of help to you during this process.

Using the right materials will pay off in the long run. Affordable Moving & Storage has available a complete supply of items needed for your packing job at nominal fees. You may visit our warehouse to purchase materials or call for home delivery. Our trucks and vans are also equipped with supplies that can be purchased. A price list for supplies is available. Heavy items should be placed in the smallest box possible, so that they are easier to carry. Boxes should weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Here are some items that will make your packing job easier and run smoothly:

  • Note pad
  • Dark, water-resistant marker
  • Boxes of all sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Scissors/box opener
  • Black felt or other paper

Label each box with the following:

  • Write the name of the room that the box belongs to on all sides of the box.
  • Label the box as FRAGILE if the contents of the box could be broken or damaged during a move.
  • If the box needs to stay positioned with a certain side up, please label the box with arrows.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes.
  • Keep a detailed list of all items that are in each box.

Empty all drawers

  • Empty all drawers of breakable items or items that may spill or leak. To safeguard against unnecessary damage, it’s a good idea to put all furniture knobs, feet, screws, etc. in one container that you can keep with you.

Do not pack flammable goods

  • Heat-sensitive items like candles, records, audio and video tapes, computer disks, propane tanks, aerosol cans, oil-based paints, and certain cleaning fluids should not be packed. A complete list of items that should not be moved can be found in the “What Not to Pack” section of this brochure.

Wrap items individually

  • Always place a layer of crushed paper in the bottom of the carton for cushioning. Fill empty spaces with additional crushed paper. Packed boxes should not rattle.

Firmly pack cartons

  • Make sure cartons are firmly packed – Heavier items should be placed on the bottom and lighter
    ones on top.

Pack according to the season

  • If you will be putting some boxes in storage, label the boxes with the appropriate season.