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Affordable Moving and Storage: For All Your NC Relocation Needs

Did you know that Morganton, NC was home to the very first European settlement within contiguous North America — some four decades before settlers founded Jamestown, VA?

All these centuries later, people are still moving into Morganton — and moving out, too.

Whether you’re coming, going, or simply relocating within Burke County, Affordable Moving and Storage is here to make your move pleasant and stress free.

Our owner has more than two decades of experience. He started learning how to move folks in the city of Hickory during the 1990s, and in the years since, has expanded to serve communities all across North Carolina.

We care about you. We care about your furniture, your valuables, and your other personal property. We even care about your stress levels.

After all, we know how overwhelming a move can become. It’s our job to shoulder that burden for you — and to get your belongings to their destination without harm.

That’s why they call us The Gentleman Movers. We’re gentle, earnest, affordable, and good at we do. You can count on us.

Our Morganton Moving Services: What Sets Us Apart

In addition to all that, we promise every customer:

  • Guaranteed prices
  • Guaranteed moving dates
  • One customer per job. We don’t split loads.
  • High-quality protection to keep each item from harm during transit
  • Highly trained, deeply experienced moving professionals — no amateurs or “rough movers” in your home
  • Free estimates for any move (with no obligation)

Local Relocating: Moving within Morganton, NC

Local Movers at Affordable Moving and Storage

Moving your home (or business) to a new spot within Morganton or Burke County? Any move within a 35-mile radius is considered a local move, priced by the hour with a team of up to ten (no fewer than two) movers. Learn more about our local moving services.

Intrastate Relocating: Same-State Moving within NC

Affordable Moving and Storage

Moving out of the Morganton area with a new North Carolina destination in mind? Affordable travels to (and from) nearly every major community in the state… and some not-so-major ones too! Get more information about our intrastate moving services

Interstate Relocating: State-to-State Moves

Interstate Moving with Affordable Moving and Storage

If you’re moving into or out of North Carolina, let us help! Learn more here.

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